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To come back in power, BJP has to build Ram Mandir: Hindu priest threatens to withdraw support

06 Jun,2018 Politics

NEW DELHI: There seems to be no end to Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)’s troubles. On one hand, the Opposition is gaining footage with every passing poll, on the other hand, some of the party’s supporting organisations are pressing on the issue of Ram Mandir.

“If they (BJP) want to come in power again (in 2019) then they have to build the Ram Temple, else we will start a movement and make sure they are defeated,” Mahant Paramhans Das, a priest in Uttar Pradesh’s Chawani Temple told ANI.

Das’ was reacting to Union Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi statement.

Naqvi had earlier claimed that development will be the only issue for BJP in 2019 elections, further adding that Hindutva and Ram Mandir are not the primary issues for the saffron party.

“Today our government has made development as the mood of the nation. We have made development, a people’s movement. Prime Minister Modi has become ‘Vikas Nayak’ for the people of the country,” the minister said.

Naqvi further added that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been the “biggest victim of political intolerance” and from Gujarat to Delhi “political conspiracies” were hatched against him by “frustrated forces” who have been defeated by the people of the country.

The Hindu Yuva Vahini, a youth wing formed by UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, also reportedly threatened to cut off contact with BJP if building the Ram Mandir ceases to be one of the primary issues.

They added that the recent defeat in by-elections is due to the party’s slow move over the construction of Ram Mandir.

Clean India: Government launches sanitary pads at only Rs 2.50

06 Jun,2018 Business

Bringing yet another innovation in spreading cleanliness and hygiene, the government introduced sanitary pads that will be sold at Rs 2.50 on Monday, June 4. This is pad is also environment-friendly. Under the Pradhan Mantri Bharatiya Janaushadhi project, the pad will be sold all over the country.

Union Minister of Chemicals and Fertilizers Mansukh L Mandavia told reporters in New Delhi that these sanitary pads, called Oxo-biodegradable facility, will be available at 3,600 Drug Centers across the country. This center is spread across 33 States and Union Territories.

The minister said that the price of these pads has been kept low for better reach and usage. In the market where the available pads are generally priced at Rs 8 per unit, the cost of the four unit packs is Rs 10.

The minister also added that the pad will help women of poor classes to maintain their basic needs related to cleanliness. He also said that competition from the new cheap pad market will increase and other companies can also reduce their prices.

Bepannah 5 June 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Rajvir Finds Out About Zoya and Aditya’s Whereabouts

06 Jun,2018 Entertainment

In yesterday’s episode of Bepannah, Aditya starts to feel very thirsty while being in the jungle. Zoya finds a pond and helps Aditya drink water. On the other side, the bankers reach Zosh Company and order to seal it. The employees plead for being given some more time but the bankers are reluctant in accepting their requests and further seal the company.
Aditya finds a phone booth and makes a call to Arjun. A police officer happens to stand beside Arjun while he attends the call thinking that it is Aditya who had called. Aditya also, very smartly, talks in Sheikh’s tone, tells his location in code language and easily fools the police officer while Arjun knows that it is Aditya on the line. Arjun cracks the code and comes to know that Aditya was in Badlapur. Rajvir tracks Aditya’s and Arjun’s phone call and is also able to know Aditya’s location. Aditya and Zoya find a tea stall and buy something to eat. Arjun is trying to get out of his house in order to reach Zoya and Aditya but the police don’t allow him to leave.
Zoya and Aditya see a car coming their way. Zoya assumes that it was Arjun’s car but Aditya tells him that it wasn’t Arjun and they both realise it is Rajvir. Zoya and Aditya again start running away and enter the jungle. While trying to find a place to hide Zoya’s foot gets stuck in a trap that is usually placed for animal hunting. Aditya helps Zoya to get out of it and further carries Zoya in his arms and continues to run.
Zoya and Aditya reach a place which looked busy as people could be seen around. They find a house where they could see no one and so they decide to go there to hide. Rajvir reaches the same place and orders the police to look everywhere for Aditya and Zoya.

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21 Ramadan-The Day of Shahdat of Moula-E-Kainat Imam Ali (A.S)

21 Ramadan-The Day of Shahdat of Moula-E-Kainat Imam Ali (A.S)

02 Jun,2018 World

21 Ramzan – The day of martyrdom Imam Ali (A.S):

Talking about martyrdom and martyrs has never been an easy task, but it grows much more difficult when we are talking about the martyrdom of the Commander of the Faithful and the Master of the Pious: Imam Ali bin Abi

Talib (A.S) ”

Our first Imam is Imam Ali (A.S.) by the order of Allah. The Holy Prophet of Islam introduced him to the people and entrusted to him the guardianship and supervision of the Islamic Community in order that Imam Ali (A.S.) could lead the people after him and be their Imam and their guide.

21 Ramadan-The Day of Shahdat of Moula-E-Kainat Imam Ali (A.S

      21 Ramadan-The Day of Shahdat of Moula-E-Kainat Imam Ali (A.S

The Crime and the Winning of Martyrdom:

The Imam called for the prayer, and went down, reciting invocations and praising God. He then went to his niche and began to pray. Ibn Muljim knew that this was his chance. He stood behind the Imam and waited until the Imam prostrated and raised his head and hit him hard on it. The Imam fell on his face. Yet he did not moan; instead he said; “In the name of Allah, and on the religion of His Messenger”. Then he shouted at the murderer saying: “Ibn Muljim killed me, the son of the Jewish women killed me. I have won by the Lord of Kaa’ba. I have won by the Lord of Kaa’ba”. People started to gather around the Imam who kept on trying to press on the wound and covering it with sand. Then he recited the following verse: “From the earth We have created you, and to the earth We shall restore you; and from it We will bring back (to life)” (Taha:55)

The Last Will:

After the attempt on his life by a stab from Ibn Muljim, he had this will to all of his family and to Imams Hassan and Hussein who were all around him: “My advice to you is to be God-conscious and steadfast in your religion. Do not yearn for the world and do not be seduced by it. Do not resent anything you have missed in it. Proclaim the truth, work for the next world. Oppose the oppressor; support the oppressed… Fear God in matters concerning orphans… Fear God in your relations with your neighbors… Remain attached to the Quran… Persist in Jihad in the cause of Allah with your money, your souls and your tongues … “.

21 Ramadan-The Day of Shahdat of Moula-E-Kainat Imam Ali (A.S)

Still there are son of Jews are between us…….. and we have to fight with them, there are some pictures when Jews Attacked of Imam’s Shrine in Najaf…

The sin which makes you sad and repentant is more liked by Allah than the good deed which turns you arrogant (Hazrat Ali A.S)

He is the wisest and the most knowing man who advises people not to lose hope and confidence in the mercy of God, and not to be too sure and over confident of immunity from His wrath and punishment. (Hazrat Ali A.S)

Treat people in such a way and live amongst them in such a manner that if you die they weep over you; alive they crave for your company. (Hazrat Ali A.S)

Patience is of two kinds: patience over what pains you, and patience against what you covet. (Hazrat Ali A.S)

If someone’s deeds lower his position, his pedigree cannot elevate it. (Hazrat Ali A.S)

Overlook and forgive weaknesses of generous people, because if they fall down the hand of God lifts them. (Hazrat Ali A.S)

Avarice is disgrace; cowardice is a defect; poverty often disables an intelligent man from arguing his case; a poor man is a stranger in his own town; misfortune and helplessness are calamities; patience is a kind of bravery; to sever attachments with the wicked world is the greatest wealth; piety is the best weapon of defense. (Hazrat Ali A.S)

21 Ramadan-The Day of Shahdat of Moula-E-Kainat Imam Ali (A.S)

If you overpower your enemy, then pardon him by way of thankfulness to Allah, for being able to subdue him. (Hazrat Ali A.S)

He who practices moderation and frugality will never be threatened with poverty. (Hazrat Ali A.S)

In the End Condolense to Imam-e-Zamana Hazrat Mehdi Saheb-e-Zaman (A.S)

Zahir ALi_a.s ki Zaat Se hai Qudrat-e Khuda
Bazu-e MUSTAFA_saww hai Dar-e Rehmat-e Khuda
Yasoob-e Dee,n – Ameer-e Arab – Hujjat-e Khuda
Shair-e khuda Pe khatam Hui Ata’at-e Khuda
Qeemat Na Dey Saka koi jis ki Hijaz Mein
Saa,iL ko Bakhsh Dey Wo Angoothi Namaz Mein.

By the death of Imam Ali (pbuh) the nation lost:

A heroism that had become the song of the time;

A courageous history that has never dreamt of its like;

A wisdom no one can fathom, save Allah;

A purity, the like of which was only in the prophets;

An abstinence from the pleasures of life that could be attained only by the nearest to Allah;

An eloquence such as to be the echo of Book; and

A jurisprudence, and a thorough knowledge of the laws of religion, that made him the ‘gateway of the city’ of the Prophet’s knowledge, and the authority to whom the Islamic nation referred in all its affairs.

Peace be upon Amir al-Muminin the day he was born, the day he was martyred on his altar, and the day he shall be raised alive.

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds.

21 Ramadan-The Day of Shahdat of Moula-E-Kainat Imam Ali (A.S).

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