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To come back in power, BJP has to build Ram Mandir: Hindu priest threatens to withdraw support

06 Jun,2018 Politics

NEW DELHI: There seems to be no end to Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)’s troubles. On one hand, the Opposition is gaining footage with every passing poll, on the other hand, some of the party’s supporting organisations are pressing on the issue of Ram Mandir.

“If they (BJP) want to come in power again (in 2019) then they have to build the Ram Temple, else we will start a movement and make sure they are defeated,” Mahant Paramhans Das, a priest in Uttar Pradesh’s Chawani Temple told ANI.

Das’ was reacting to Union Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi statement.

Naqvi had earlier claimed that development will be the only issue for BJP in 2019 elections, further adding that Hindutva and Ram Mandir are not the primary issues for the saffron party.

“Today our government has made development as the mood of the nation. We have made development, a people’s movement. Prime Minister Modi has become ‘Vikas Nayak’ for the people of the country,” the minister said.

Naqvi further added that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been the “biggest victim of political intolerance” and from Gujarat to Delhi “political conspiracies” were hatched against him by “frustrated forces” who have been defeated by the people of the country.

The Hindu Yuva Vahini, a youth wing formed by UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, also reportedly threatened to cut off contact with BJP if building the Ram Mandir ceases to be one of the primary issues.

They added that the recent defeat in by-elections is due to the party’s slow move over the construction of Ram Mandir.

Clean India: Government launches sanitary pads at only Rs 2.50

06 Jun,2018 Business

Bringing yet another innovation in spreading cleanliness and hygiene, the government introduced sanitary pads that will be sold at Rs 2.50 on Monday, June 4. This is pad is also environment-friendly. Under the Pradhan Mantri Bharatiya Janaushadhi project, the pad will be sold all over the country.

Union Minister of Chemicals and Fertilizers Mansukh L Mandavia told reporters in New Delhi that these sanitary pads, called Oxo-biodegradable facility, will be available at 3,600 Drug Centers across the country. This center is spread across 33 States and Union Territories.

The minister said that the price of these pads has been kept low for better reach and usage. In the market where the available pads are generally priced at Rs 8 per unit, the cost of the four unit packs is Rs 10.

The minister also added that the pad will help women of poor classes to maintain their basic needs related to cleanliness. He also said that competition from the new cheap pad market will increase and other companies can also reduce their prices.

Bepannah 5 June 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Rajvir Finds Out About Zoya and Aditya’s Whereabouts

06 Jun,2018 Entertainment

In yesterday’s episode of Bepannah, Aditya starts to feel very thirsty while being in the jungle. Zoya finds a pond and helps Aditya drink water. On the other side, the bankers reach Zosh Company and order to seal it. The employees plead for being given some more time but the bankers are reluctant in accepting their requests and further seal the company.
Aditya finds a phone booth and makes a call to Arjun. A police officer happens to stand beside Arjun while he attends the call thinking that it is Aditya who had called. Aditya also, very smartly, talks in Sheikh’s tone, tells his location in code language and easily fools the police officer while Arjun knows that it is Aditya on the line. Arjun cracks the code and comes to know that Aditya was in Badlapur. Rajvir tracks Aditya’s and Arjun’s phone call and is also able to know Aditya’s location. Aditya and Zoya find a tea stall and buy something to eat. Arjun is trying to get out of his house in order to reach Zoya and Aditya but the police don’t allow him to leave.
Zoya and Aditya see a car coming their way. Zoya assumes that it was Arjun’s car but Aditya tells him that it wasn’t Arjun and they both realise it is Rajvir. Zoya and Aditya again start running away and enter the jungle. While trying to find a place to hide Zoya’s foot gets stuck in a trap that is usually placed for animal hunting. Aditya helps Zoya to get out of it and further carries Zoya in his arms and continues to run.
Zoya and Aditya reach a place which looked busy as people could be seen around. They find a house where they could see no one and so they decide to go there to hide. Rajvir reaches the same place and orders the police to look everywhere for Aditya and Zoya.

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These 10 foods are your biggest enemies if you are trying to lose weight

These 10 foods are your biggest enemies if you are trying to lose weight

04 Jun,2018 Lifestyle

Many of us struggle to achieve weight loss. We are always in search of new kind of diet and exercise regime which will make our weight loss journey easy and effective. Before following anything blindly we need to understand the impact of calories on our body. If we understand the difference between good and bad calories, it will be easier for us to achieve weight loss goal.

If you are serious about weight loss you need to choose healthy food. Healthy food may not be tasty and there are many foods which serves no purpose other than to satisfy your taste bud. Here are 10 foods who are your biggest enemies so far as your weight loss journey is concerned.

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White bread tops the list of foods you should avoid. This means you need to avoid toast, sandwiches and rolls. Commercially available ready-made bread based foods are often packed with excess salt and sugar. They serve no purpose in our weight loss goal. Apart from that, breads are only filler food and you feel hungry after some time. If you are fond of bread you should opt for the whole-grain version.

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Contrary to the popular belief the low-fat foods are not actually a healthy choice. Often, low-fat foods are added with excess sugar to compensate the loss of taste because of loss of flavour. The excess sugar is processed by the body in a different manner and they are actually converted into fat. Also, because of the terminology “low-fat food”, people tend to overeat them. We need to avoid this trap of low-fat foods.

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If you are suffering from high blood pressure and high cholesterol you should strictly avoid any kind of fried food. However healthy food item is, if you fry it, it does not remain healthy. In the process of frying, foods mostly lose a good amount of nutrients. You should opt for the healthier versions which are baked or boiled.

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Most of the juices contain huge amount of added sugar. Rather than buying juice from outside you should try to make juice at home by squeezing the fruit. Even if you are making juice at home, you should be careful about the natural sugar content in the fruit. If you are fond of fruit, it is healthy to eat the whole fruit instead of consuming them in the form of juices.

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Popcorn is a healthy option but if you are purchasing off the shelf versions which can be put into microwave directly, you should be careful. The chemicals present in the microwave bag can cause thyroid problems. Not only that, they may contain huge amount of salt and butter. Instead make popcorn for yourself in the stove and avoid putting butter in it.

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Avoid salad dressings. They make our healthy salad unhealthy within no time. Many of the salad dressings are having huge amount of added sugar, salt and many other empty calories. If you are fond of salad dressings, you may add oil based dressing which will enhance the taste.

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Sugar-free foods are often not good for your health. There will be less calories but the substitute sweeteners may be increasing your insulin level.

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You should strictly avoid candy bars. They are full of sugar and empty calories. They will not satiate your hunger and you will soon feel the need of other foods within no time. If you need to have a snack, consider the foods which will make you feel fuller.

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Coffee in general helps you in boosting your metabolism and help you to burn fat. But when you add cream, sugar and other ingredients, it becomes unhealthy. If you are fond of coffee, you should try to consume it in the black form which will help you to lose weight.

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Many of us like hot pizza. These are extremely unhealthy because of the presence of processed foods like meat etc. Apart from that, highly refined flour is used in this process. You should be aware about the huge amount of calories you are consuming even by consuming are single slice of pizza. It does not have any nutritional value. If you are fond of pizza you should make it at home with healthy ingredients.

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