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To come back in power, BJP has to build Ram Mandir: Hindu priest threatens to withdraw support

06 Jun,2018 Politics

NEW DELHI: There seems to be no end to Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)’s troubles. On one hand, the Opposition is gaining footage with every passing poll, on the other hand, some of the party’s supporting organisations are pressing on the issue of Ram Mandir.

“If they (BJP) want to come in power again (in 2019) then they have to build the Ram Temple, else we will start a movement and make sure they are defeated,” Mahant Paramhans Das, a priest in Uttar Pradesh’s Chawani Temple told ANI.

Das’ was reacting to Union Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi statement.

Naqvi had earlier claimed that development will be the only issue for BJP in 2019 elections, further adding that Hindutva and Ram Mandir are not the primary issues for the saffron party.

“Today our government has made development as the mood of the nation. We have made development, a people’s movement. Prime Minister Modi has become ‘Vikas Nayak’ for the people of the country,” the minister said.

Naqvi further added that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been the “biggest victim of political intolerance” and from Gujarat to Delhi “political conspiracies” were hatched against him by “frustrated forces” who have been defeated by the people of the country.

The Hindu Yuva Vahini, a youth wing formed by UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, also reportedly threatened to cut off contact with BJP if building the Ram Mandir ceases to be one of the primary issues.

They added that the recent defeat in by-elections is due to the party’s slow move over the construction of Ram Mandir.

Clean India: Government launches sanitary pads at only Rs 2.50

06 Jun,2018 Business

Bringing yet another innovation in spreading cleanliness and hygiene, the government introduced sanitary pads that will be sold at Rs 2.50 on Monday, June 4. This is pad is also environment-friendly. Under the Pradhan Mantri Bharatiya Janaushadhi project, the pad will be sold all over the country.

Union Minister of Chemicals and Fertilizers Mansukh L Mandavia told reporters in New Delhi that these sanitary pads, called Oxo-biodegradable facility, will be available at 3,600 Drug Centers across the country. This center is spread across 33 States and Union Territories.

The minister said that the price of these pads has been kept low for better reach and usage. In the market where the available pads are generally priced at Rs 8 per unit, the cost of the four unit packs is Rs 10.

The minister also added that the pad will help women of poor classes to maintain their basic needs related to cleanliness. He also said that competition from the new cheap pad market will increase and other companies can also reduce their prices.

Bepannah 5 June 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Rajvir Finds Out About Zoya and Aditya’s Whereabouts

06 Jun,2018 Entertainment

In yesterday’s episode of Bepannah, Aditya starts to feel very thirsty while being in the jungle. Zoya finds a pond and helps Aditya drink water. On the other side, the bankers reach Zosh Company and order to seal it. The employees plead for being given some more time but the bankers are reluctant in accepting their requests and further seal the company.
Aditya finds a phone booth and makes a call to Arjun. A police officer happens to stand beside Arjun while he attends the call thinking that it is Aditya who had called. Aditya also, very smartly, talks in Sheikh’s tone, tells his location in code language and easily fools the police officer while Arjun knows that it is Aditya on the line. Arjun cracks the code and comes to know that Aditya was in Badlapur. Rajvir tracks Aditya’s and Arjun’s phone call and is also able to know Aditya’s location. Aditya and Zoya find a tea stall and buy something to eat. Arjun is trying to get out of his house in order to reach Zoya and Aditya but the police don’t allow him to leave.
Zoya and Aditya see a car coming their way. Zoya assumes that it was Arjun’s car but Aditya tells him that it wasn’t Arjun and they both realise it is Rajvir. Zoya and Aditya again start running away and enter the jungle. While trying to find a place to hide Zoya’s foot gets stuck in a trap that is usually placed for animal hunting. Aditya helps Zoya to get out of it and further carries Zoya in his arms and continues to run.
Zoya and Aditya reach a place which looked busy as people could be seen around. They find a house where they could see no one and so they decide to go there to hide. Rajvir reaches the same place and orders the police to look everywhere for Aditya and Zoya.

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Kim Jong-un’s clever move

Kim Jong-un’s clever move

03 Jun,2018 Business

KIM Jong-un is a character us in the West both fear and are fascinated by. But North Koreans have grown to love their leader, who is the third generation of Kims to lead the country. Below is an edited extract from North Korea: The Country We Love to Hate, giving us new insights into the secretive state.


KIM Jong-un was parachuted into power in 2011 by the sudden death of his father, Kim Jong-il. Since then, the young Kim has attempted to merge the past with the future in order to lead the nation through a problematic present. This is not an easy task. Using the instruments of propaganda and economic innovation, Kim Jong-un has embarked on a masterplan to strengthen his legitimacy, proving to the people that he is fulfilling the same role as his

grandfather, Kim Il-sung — in other words, that he is their sole protector.

Kim Jong-un has made a big show of his weaponry since becoming leader of North Korea. Picture: Korean Central News Agency/Korea News Service via AP

Brushing aside the harsh memories of his father’s ruling — from the famine of the late 1990s to the corruption of the elites — Kim has been reconnecting North Koreans with their glorious past: the long struggle of the war of independence, the birth of the new nation and the reconstruction after the Korean War.

He is boosting the nation’s pride. To speed this up, he has played on his physical resemblance to his grandfather. He has cut his hair in the same style and gained some weight, he dresses in a similar fashion and he even walks and laughs as Kim Il-sung did. This is a smart move.

Veneration for the founder of the nation is genuine among the majority of North Koreans and the trick of presenting himself as the physical reincarnation of Kim Il-sung has boosted the popularity of the new leader, who was relatively unknown just seven years ago.

Kim Jong-un (shown on the right, as a young man in Switzerland) is the third in his family to lead the secretive nation. His grandfather Kim Il-sung (left), and father Kim Jong-il (centre) have been the only other North Korean leaders.

Putting aside these clever techniques to consolidate his power, Kim Jong-un has a distinctive vision of the world, different from his grandfather’s and his father’s. Unlike Kim Il-sung who fought colonialism or Kim Jong-il who grew up during the Cold War, Kim Jong-un is a millennial and understands the meaning of globalisation.

He knows it will be harder and harder to keep the world at bay, while also sensing that relying on the traditional Cold War dichotomy, so dear to his grandfather and father, could backfire. To survive, the country needs to grow economically; this has been his message since the beginning.

Economic modernisation is indeed taking place in North Korea, but in a different fashion to that experienced in other totalitarian Asian countries, such as China. North Korea does not have a clear plan of economic modernisation. On the contrary, Kim Jong-un has shown a high degree of tolerance for the liberalisation of the economy, leaving this process in the hands of the people.

Perhaps this is intentional as the central government could clamp down on informal markets at any time. More likely, this sort of laissez-faire approach constitutes a form of juche economics (where North Korea will be self-reliant). North Korea has never truly relied on central planning, as the Soviet Union or China did, and has always shown a degree of uncertainty about the future, which has provided it has the necessary flexibility to survive major crises, such as the implosion of the Soviet Union. This is an important point.

Kim Jong-un shocked the world when he met with South Korean President Moon Jae-in last month. The two nations have technically been at war for decades. Picture: Korean Central News Agency/Korea News Service via AP

The geopolitics of the globalised world are profoundly different from those of the colonial era and of the Cold War, with multipolarity replacing the classic dichotomy of the second half of the twentieth century (there are no longer two clear world leaders). Born in the early 1980s, Kim Jong-un witnessed this transformation while growing up. That North Korea has at its helm someone who understands and accepts this new reality, coupled with the built-in flexibility of the North Korean system, is a distinct advantage.

Kim Jong-un, the millennial, has accelerated the nuclear program, investing in it heavily and dismissing as a deterrent the regular army, which he considers weak and somehow obsolete. The verbal confrontations with Donald Trump, Shinzo Abe and the South Koreans

are pure propaganda. Kim Jong-un has no intention of bombing anybody, but he does want to prove that he could.

Of course, as always in history, the final outcome will depend on variables that nobody can fully predict, Donald Trump being one of those, but it looks increasingly likely that The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea will succeed in becoming a nuclear power despite breaking all the rules, as Pakistan did.

At that point the only way to contain it will be to welcome Pyongyang into the nuclear club of nations. This membership will guarantee the survival of the regime in the near future. China, the regional and world giant on the northern border, is not hostile to this development. And this is what really matters.

Kim Jong-un leads a much more complex country than we think.

North Korea: the country we love to hate. UWA Publishing $19.99

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